As a 5th generation teacher and one of a long line of family members who value the pursuit of higher education, Devyn is a passionate advocate for well-funded public education.

Growing up with a single mother who worked 2 extra jobs to supplement her income as an educator, Devyn is very familiar with the struggle and hardship that Oklahoma teachers face as a result of extremist policies and the devaluing of our education system. From books, chairs, and equipment that are unusable due to falling into such disrepair, to excessive class sizes and overextended hours, our education system has fallen to the lowest standard, and Devyn stands firmly aligned with the mission to drive Edmond and our state to excellence. To quote the candidate, “We cannot hold together our future with duct tape, glue, thoughts, and wishes. We are obligated to ensure the success of our future through our children’s education.” 
Devyn has and continues to demonstrate her support of public education funding by marching in solidarity, attending and speaking at pro-education rallies, and lobbying to legislators both locally and nationally in favor of increased education funding. She has consistently devoted time, energy, and financial support to underserved schools, such as donating and buying books for a children’s library, adopting a classroom at Cesar Chavez Elementary, and adopting Willowbrook Elementary, which included providing food for the entire school for a year. As your representative, she will continue her mission to increase funding for education through sensible tax reform and proper allocation of funding, ensuring that no funds are tied up in the legislature or administrative overhead. 
Veterans and Military

Oklahoma is proud of our military servicemen and veterans, and improving the conditions of care for our valued patriots is a top priority.

Devyn has experience with the turbulent life of active military extending back generations as far as the Civil War. As the daughter of a radio operator who served in Germany, and a devoted family member of a number of active servicemembers, Devyn has a long history of supporting our troops. She has dedicated her service as a nursing manager at Jack C. Montgomery VA Hospital, volunteered for veterans’ causes, and advocated for veterans’ equal treatment at the state capitol. 
Devyn knows that the way we treat our troops and veterans is an important indicator of our priorities as a society. Once securing her seat as HD 39 Representative, she will continue to champion a higher quality of life and care for our veterans. 

Our seniors deserve the right to live in their home if they choose and to afford basic needs such as medications, utilities, food.

The continued neglect and draconian cuts to our social services and social security has left Oklahoma’s elderly population in a state of rapid decline, and as Baby Boomers continue to age, we will see a major crisis of care. Devyn stands strong with the idea that we have to take better care of the generations that took care of us. Leaving our elders in inadequate nursing homes with dangerously neglectful conditions is a recipe for disaster. 

Environment and Local Control

Through both her self-founded nonprofit Operation Nurses Helping Nurses and business Nyved Consulting, Devyn is acutely aware of not only the effect of disasters, both natural and man-made, but also how policy shapes our ability to overcome them.

As Edmond continues to grow and homes continue to rattle, it is imperative that we ensure the security of our infrastructure and provide resources for victims of disasters to recover and rebuild from the damage done by fracking-related earthquakes. Since insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes related to hydraulic fracturing, our property taxes have increased dramatically. Devyn is resolute on increasing local control and allowing the city of Edmond to determine policy and procedure specific to our community. 
Civil Rights and Equality

In 2018, all citizens should be afforded equal treatment.

Devyn is passionate about protecting civil liberties and restoring local control, which extends to our LGBTQ+ citizens. Devyn is an active member of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), attending meetings and marching in support. She also sponsored the Diversity Center at UCO and played an instrumental role in opening the new center which has served as a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students. 
As a nurse, Devyn has advocated for patients to receive equal care and treatment. She has committed to making her first bill as an elected official address the implicit bias in the medical community. She will fight to ensure an ‘other’ or ‘transgender’ option on medical forms, which will prevent unnecessary deaths due to conflicting hormones and life-saving medications. Devyn has pledged to vote pro-love and in line with the constitution on every related bill involving civil rights and equitable treatment. 
A supportive member of the NAACP and a trailblazing woman of color, Devyn understands the necessity of providing a platform and a spotlight for prevalent issues in minority communities. She works hard every day to educate her children and peers on advocacy for all communities.
Common Sense Gun Laws

As the debate over guns and our constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights continues, what is often overlooked are common sense actions that many advocates on both sides of this issue agree on.

For example, as a weapon of war, the AR-15 has no place being available to the general population. Even staunch Second Amendment advocates favor background checks and assessments for acute mental illness issues and/or a history of crimes involving domestic violence. The unregulated, widely available bump stocks, which allow for rapid fire recoil for semi-automatic weapons, should be made illegal. Devyn is a vocal supporter of the March For Our Lives movement, sparked by the Parkland, Florida shooting and students at Stoneman Douglas. Devyn is an honored recipient of the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.
Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma incarcerates more women than any other place in the world. This is unacceptable.

Devyn knows that when we prioritize mass incarceration over rehabilitation and education, our society suffers. Driven by a passion to improve prison conditions and decrease the rate of incarceration, Devyn assisted Project Blackbird with a letter-writing campaign in an effort to free Tondalao Hall, an unjustly incarcerated mother and victim of domestic violence. As your legislator, Devyn will continue to advocate for criminal justice reform and for easing up incarceration expenses from our overextended budget. 
Agriculture and Hemp

The benefits of hemp production are profound and widely accepted.

Colorado has a budget surplus since legalizing cannabis, and the progressive state makes more money from industrial hemp than from medicinal and recreational marijuana combined. Oklahoma has 4 growing seasons of cannabis, where most states only have 2. We have an opportunity to reinvigorate our agricultural community and saturate our budget with industrial hemp. As your representative, Devyn will side with and promote all legislation in favor of legalizing medical and industrial cannabis and bringing home our medical refugees.
Healthcare & Mental Health

As an RN, Devyn Denton has seen first hand how budget cuts affect the health and well-being of Oklahomans. From hospital closures in rural communities to Medicaid cuts that hurt our children and elderly. As your representative, Devyn Denton will fight to protect Oklahoma’s most vulnerable and expand access to quality care throughout the state. Increasing access to care will be Devyn’s primary focus. Expanding Nurse Practitioners role within their communities can increase access to healthcare in rural areas.


Devyn knows that leadership must be able to foresee the future needs of a growing community like Edmond. Putting in place systems like public transit and statewide internet, not only serve to benefit the people of Oklahoma, but encourage economic development. Devyn’s legislative focus will be to expand our state’s budget for transportation, water treatment, and focusing on Oklahoma’s rural communities that have been left behind.