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Democrat Devyn Denton announced her run as a candidate for the Oklahoma State House of Representatives in District 39. As a registered nurse, she shared her passion with a crowd of family, friends, co-workers, sorority sisters and additional supporters. 
The community leader and philanthropist promised to fight for legislation that would provide the tools and resources that would help her community thrive. On a day when many were fighting to save Mental Health Services, her message was said to have hit home.
“This community is the central core of a culture of honor, respect, education and commitment. It is a community I greatly admire and appreciate,” Denton said. “It is with great honor and respect that I approach this opportunity. I promise, if elected, to represent House District 39 with integrity, distinction and reverence. I know it’s possible to create better tomorrows and that begins in the legislature. 
“My goal is to help interface the ideas of many to create an environment that works for the common good. We will work together. I will help build bridges for all to have a say and ownership in House District 39.”
Denton has formed the first National Non-Profit to serve first responders after man-made or natural disasters, Operation Nurses Helping Nurses, Inc. She has worked on the Resolution and Bylaws Committees on state and national levels. She has lobbied on state and national levels as an advocate for the Affordable Healthcare Act, Nursing Home Regulations & Education Initiatives. She is a fifth-generation educator. She comes from a long line of military service, and she volunteers with various veteran’s associations. Denton is also member of Union 226.
“I have served this community with commitment and passion. I am no stranger to hard work and I get results. As a mother and fifth-generation educator, I value education and those that provide it. Our teachers deserve higher pay and every child should have books. I have served as a registered nurse, a volunteer firefighter first responder and a hospice nurse. We can’t continue to turn a blind eye to an injured healthcare system and simply hope its wounds heal.
“Our prisons are over-crowding and criminal justice reform is required to keep a surplus of criminals off the street. Instead, we must provide rehabilitation and better options. We are the ones that suffer when these issues get ignored. Putting a band-aid on our budget and ignoring the cries of our communities will result in complete and utter destruction for the families we serve. We must work together to create policy that works,” Denton said.
Denton has been awarded for community service, and for Nightingale awards. She also received the Impact Woman of the Year Award. 
“I want to see change and I know how to make it happen. I have lobbied  and have been a strong advocate for education and healthcare on national and state levels. I want to help create a path of change that will positively affect our community and state for years to come,” Denton said.
Denton is a mother of two children. They reside in Edmond and attend Wesley United Methodist Church.
“I truly love living and serving in my community. I hope that has been reflected in my years of service and giving back. I promise to create positive legislation that will positively effect this community and state,” she said.