Devyn Denton, RN, BSN

As a registered nurse, community leader, and philanthropist, Devyn has led a life of community service.

Devyn’s roots are deep in Oklahoma, with a rich family background extending back to the Civil War of proud Oklahomans including farmers, veterans, teachers, and nurses. She was born in Oklahoma City and grew up in the rural, sacred lands of the Cherokee Nation. First female Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller was her godmother, and tribal spiritual leader Crosslin Smith was a close advisor and mentor to the Denton family. As a result of these guiding influences, she was instilled from a young age with an overpowering desire to help others and achieve excellence, which manifested as a calling to join the world of medicine.
She graduated high school at 13 years old, a time when she would spend most of her days at the state capitol as a page, learning the ways of the legislative process and the importance of implementing lasting, beneficial policy. Raised by a strong mother who often worked 2 extra jobs to help supplement her income as an educator, Devyn saw firsthand how effective policy and adequate education funding would have an effect on the lives of all Oklahomans. She went to college at 14 years old, first attending Oklahoma Christian University, then University of Central Oklahoma, and then Oklahoma City University where she received 4 degrees in medicine — and she’s going back for more. 
Devyn already has successful campaign experience. She ran for and won a national election on the board of the National Student Nurses Association in 2011 and was distinguished as an Emerging Nurse, then ran another successful national campaign for the board of American Nurses Association. She also ran and won her campaign to serve on the board of the Oklahoma Nurses Association. She accomplished this while founding her international nonprofit Operation Nurses Helping Nurses, Inc., which started as a grassroots movement to help nurses and front-liners in disaster areas after the Moore tornadoes of 2013. 
A proud resident of Edmond, Devyn has two children, one of them a junior at Edmond North High School and the other pursuing college. As a trauma nurse, first responder, volunteer firefighter, and 5th generation teacher, she has a long history of going above and beyond to serve her community. Her motto is Commitment, Passion, Results — because that is the legacy of the life she has led so far, and it is what we can expect from her as a member of the House of Representatives. Now is the time to elect a woman with bold compassion and an innovative spirit to represent Edmond and lead us into continued progress. She will fight, as she always has, for equality and forward-thinking policy that will benefit not just Edmond, but the state of Oklahoma. 
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Operation Nurses Helping Nurses

About Us

Devyn Denton, RN an Oklahoma City nurse, founded the organization after witnessing the impact and effects of a tornado in May of 2013.

The heartbeat of her passionate care can be felt in the pulse of her unwavering dedication to helping people in need; going above and beyond “the call” by inspiring and paving the way for others to do the same. ONHN, works to provide a global nurse-to-nurse support system in times of disasters, traumas, or crises by delivering both material and emotional succor.

A Quote From Devyn Denton

“I have served this community with commitment and passion. I am no stranger to hard work and times of crisis. As a mother and fifth-generation educator, I value education and those that provide it. I have served as a registered nurse, a volunteer firefighter, and a hospice nurse.

I believe we can no longer afford legislators who band-aid our budget and ignore the cries of our communities. It’s time we work together to create policy that works. I truly love living and serving in my community. I hope that has been reflected in my years of service. I promise to create legislation that will positively make a difference.”

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