Time until positive change begins!


Time until positive change begins!


A Message from Devyn

I’m Devyn Denton, a Registered Nurse, parent, and proud lifelong resident of Edmond, OK. I love this community and District 39.

I’m running for representative because I’m fed up with special interest-led government that fails the people of Oklahoma. The last legislative session was a disaster – we can all see that. So I’m putting my hat in the ring to fight for good government and real solutions. Oklahoma deserves common sense leadership that delivers for the people. That means balancing the budget, delivering the services we depend on, and representing the people’s will.

I’m asking for your support, so that together we can fight to heal Oklahoma.


Our schools and our children are our future. Public education should be adequately funded and treated as an investment for our prosperity.


Everyone should have access to quality healthcare, no matter their financial situation.


Those who serve in honor of our country should be a top priority as a country and a state. Our veterans deserve the best treatment available.

Common Sense Gun Laws

It is unacceptable that our children risk their lives by going to school. Our campaign is driven to pass common sense gun reform.

Environment and Local Control

Edmond is a great place to grow. Our campaign is determined to protect and defend our community.

Civil Rights and Equality

Love is sacred, and should be able to be given freely. Our campaign supports equality for everyone.


Our elders have taken care of us. It’s time for us to take care of them.

Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma cannot afford the bill that comes with mass incarceration. Our state will see great benefits from choosing to invest in its citizens instead of criminalize them.

Agriculture and Hemp

Oklahoma was once the top producer of hemp products in the nation. We can revitalize our farming communities and replenish our budget by cultivating an industry for hemp.


As our population increases and technology advances, it’s time for us to move ahead of the curve.

Nurse & Fellow Frontliner

5th Generation Teacher


We want to thank the dedicated companies and individuals helping our cause.

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Learn more about Devyn's international nonproft Operation Nurses Helping Nurses, Inc.

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